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Tap into your portfolio’s potential with leading-edge options trading automation technology

When well-executed, options trading offers immense potential. So, what’s standing in the way of all that inherent possibility?

You are.

No matter how brilliant the trader, three challenges persist:

  • Human error
  • Emotional judgement calls
  • Lack of time for research, analysis and proper management

Options Road eliminates all of these hurdles. It streamlines the process of building and executing trading strategies. And, it gives you all the tools you need to start achieving next-level results.

Think options trading has to be hard?

Think again. With automation, you free up your time so you can take a more intelligent approach to trading.

Options Road is a next-generation options trading platform that gives you granular control over trades. Because you can automate repetitive tasks – and build as many custom strategies as you want – you can mitigate execution risks of human errors and emotion interference.

More peace of mind. More time to spend on high-level strategy.

When you combine the precision that comes from Options Road automation with human ingenuity, the sky’s the limit for your portfolio.

How Options Road is different

Options Road is the product of many years of development. Seeing how much other trading automation platforms fall short on functionality and user-friendliness, we wanted to create a solution that investors could use to effectively scale their portfolio and trade smarter. We also wanted to build something that options traders of all levels, from newbies to seasoned vets, could start benefiting from right away.

Refreshingly intuitive and an unquestionable strategic powerhouse, our software is purpose-built to deliver everything options traders need: security and privacy, speed and stability, and limitless customization.


Link Options Road to your brokerage account and get started right away.


Use our pre-built templates for customization or build your own custom options strategies.

No coding required

Create sophisticated strategies without coding knowledge or software technical expertise.

Built for you

We are committed to continuous, high-quality software development driven by user feedback.

An options trading platform you can trust

Our team built every line of code with a singular goal: to create the best options trading automation software on the planet.

Options Road is not a broker, fund manager, or advisor, which means you can count on zero conflicts of interest. We’re technology purists at heart. Our trading platform is 100% independent and client-focused, so you can trade with confidence.

We have a simple setup process to make your life easier

Getting started is simple.

  1. Create a free account with Options Road.
  2. Purchase your software license – you can choose a free version, monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription.
  3. Download the software to your computer.
  4. Link Options Road to your brokerage account.*

That’s it! Once you’ve connected with your online brokerage account, you can start using the software. You’ll be able to pull data from your brokerage account, analyze, place trades in real-time using your user-defined strategies, and manage open trades.

*Currently, Options Road integrates with Interactive Brokers©. The software will be able to integrate with other brokers soon.

Here’s how you can take your options trading to the next level with Options Road

Options Road isn’t your run-of-the-mill trading automation platform. The software can handle enormous amounts of data with accuracy and speed. You get everything you need to create fully automated strategies that fit your goals perfectly.

With this level of control and precision, you can finally see the portfolio growth that’s absolutely possible with sophisticated options trading – without investing years of your time and having to learn from expensive mistakes.

  • Create automated strategies in minutes.
  • Automate all the repetitive trading tasks you desire.
  • Make instant data-driven decisions; no human intervention required.
  • Trade smarter by eliminating pitfalls that can lead to heavy losses and missed opportunities.
  • Free up the time you usually spend staring at screens and watching positions.
  • Spend more time improving your trading strategies.
  • Get started fast with one of our many pre-built templates.
  • Tailor your strategy, so it does exactly what you want it to.
  • Build one strategy or 100 without ever sacrificing performance.
  • Enjoy end-to-end management of all your option trade strategies.

Want to say goodbye to frustrating, time-consuming manual trades?

Want your time back?

We’re with you. Wasting time is for the birds. Get started with Options Road today. Sign up for your free account, choose your subscription, and you’re ready to roll.

Have questions? We’ve got answers

Is a contract required to use Options Road?

Nope! We don’t believe in forcing our customers into a contract. You can cancel your software subscription at any time. Once you cancel, you can still use the software until the end of your licensing period.

Why can’t I use OptionsRoad with the online brokerage account I already have?

You’ll likely be able to soon. Our development team is currently working on ensuring Options Road can link with as many major online brokerages as possible.

What kind of options can I trade?

With Options Road, most of the wide world of exchange-traded options is open to you. Our focus is on US markets and reputable, highly regulated brokers. We believe these are the best securities for enabling our users to optimize their portfolio’s earning potential safely.

That said, you will be able to trade contracts made available by the broker.

What kind of options strategies can I trade?

You can trade naked options, vertical spreads, ratio spreads, iron condors, strangles and more. You can even tailor your custom strategy.

I have a question – who do I contact?

I have a question –Our customer support team is always happy to help. If you have questions or feedback on the software, need assistance getting started, or simply want to tell us about your success story, contact us, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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